The 2004 PA Convention

to be held in Vienna

hosted by the
Austrian Society for Parapsychology


On 8th Aug, 2002, the PA Board of Directors, following our proposal, has decided that the PA Convention 2004 will be held in Vienna.  This decision was announced to the PA members present at the subsequent business meeting.

The date for the PA Convention 2004 was fixed for the period 05 - 08 Aug, 2004 (i. e. Thu through Sun).

This website is to inform PA members and affiliates of our detailed plans for the 2004 Convention, to provide general information on the City of Vienna as a convention site, to provide detailed information on the Convention Program and Venue, and to offer a possibility for on-line registration.  

It may be mentioned that international congresses in Vienna are being subsidized by the municipality, and in case of scientific congresses (like the PA Convention) additionally by the Federal Ministry for Education, Science, and Culture which will permit to keep the registration fee for the attendents within very reasonable limits.


Prior to the PA Convention in 2000 (held in Freiburg, Germany), the Austrian Society for Parapsychology (ASP) has submitted an official application for hosting the PA Convention 2002 in Vienna¹ to mark its 75th anniversary (founded as "Austrian SPR" in 1927).  However, as the 2002 Convention went to Paris to highlight the re-launch of the IMI, the ASP's term was postponed for two years and we were encouraged to re-submit our application for 2004 what has been done right before the 2001 Convention.

1) To hold a PA Convention in Vienna has (in our days) firstly been suggested by Laura Knipe during the PA Convention in Brighton in 1997.  It appeared to us that our 2002 anniversary would be a suitable date for a PA Convention in Vienna.

In fact, a plan to hold an International Congress for Parapsychology in Vienna (organized by the then Committee for the International Congresses for Psychical Research) has been discussed as early as in 1935.