Vienna - City of Art Nouveau


Painters and Architects alike
set the Image of Vienna as a City of Art Nouveau

Rooftop of "Postsparkasse" by Otto Wagner

Without any doubt, the most famous Austrian Art Nouveau painter is Gustav Klimt ("The Kiss "), followed by many others like Franz v. Matsch, Kolo Moser, Carl Moll, etc.  [Links open new windows.]

The best known architects are Otto Wagner, Josef Hoffmann, Joseph Maria Olbrich, Josef Plecnik -- and as a strict opponent to the Art Nouveau movement the architect Adolf Loos needs to be mentioned (famous quotation: "Ornament and Crime ").
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The Loos-Building, Vienna's first 'classical modern' building

Otto Wagner, besides being the leading architect of his time, was the city planner during the period of enlargement of the city around the turn of the last century, whereas Josef Hoffmann gained fame both as an architect and as a designer (he was -- together with Kolo Moser -- the founder of the "Wiener Werkstätte" [Viennese Workshops]).  
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Church at the 'Steinhof'
(former Mental Asylum)

One of the many buildings designed by O. Wagner