Reception at the City Hall


 In addition to our usual
Presidential Reception,

... there will be a special reception* by the Mayor of Vienna (or one of his deputies) for the attendents of the PA Convention in one of the splendid rooms of the neo-gothic City Hall.
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The City Hall is just one short tram stop from the University's Main Building i.e. within a few min's walking distance.

The "Rathausplatz" (City Hall Square) between the City Hall and the "Burgtheater" located vis-à-vis just across the "Ring" will be overcrowded at that time.  During the months of July and August, there is a musical motion picture festival on this square right in front of the City Hall which is a very lively event attended by a great many people, Viennese and tourists alike (whether due to the music or due to the variety of food stalls on the place no one knows).

*) Updated July 06, 2004: 
The reception will take place on Thu, 05th Aug, 07:30 - 09:30 PM (Cocktail and Snacks in the "Stadtsenatssitzungssaal").