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47th Annual Parapsychological Association Convention 2004
August 5-8, 2004
Vienna, Austria

Program Information

The 47th Annual Convention of the Parapsychological Association will be hosted by the Austrian Society for Parapsychology and Border Areas of Science, and will be held from 5th to 8th Aug, 2004, at Vienna University. For information regarding registration and hotel accommodation, visit the website or contact: Prof. Peter Mulacz.

Anyone may submit a paper for consideration by the Program Committee. Papers may be clinical, experimental, historical, methodological, philosophical, or theoretical, or may report field work or case studies of any relevant kind, and of sufficient interest to the community, and of sufficient depth to be amenable to a 20 to 25 minute presentation time with further discussion. The Program Committee will not consider, in this category, proposals for research which has not yet been carried out, analyses of work in progress, nor will the Committee consider papers published in English prior to the Convention. However, recent papers that have been previously published in a language other than English are acceptable in this category, provided the paper has been translated into English for the purpose of submission to the Program Committee. Papers submitted for floor presentation should be the equivalent of full-length journal articles. A detailed description on the preparation of manuscripts can be found below.

Posters are papers or other materials presented on poster board in an installation separate from the convention floor. Poster sessions are especially appropriate for short papers, those that are particularly amenable to visual displays (e.g., demonstration of equipment or techniques) and highly technical papers that cannot be communicated effectively in a brief lecture format to a general scientific audience. Authors who want their papers presented in a poster session should indicate this at the time of submission, with particular attention paid to a description of the visual materials that will make up the content of the presentation. In addition, the Program Committee may, at its discretion, designate other accepted papers for presentation in a poster session. Poster session papers will be included in the convention proceedings. Proposals for posters should be prepared according to the instructions for full papers listed above. Photocopies of photographs to be used in visual presentations are acceptable with the submission.

Research Briefs:
Research briefs are short papers, up to 1000 words, reporting recently completed work or research in progress, of sufficient interest to the community, but able to be adequately summarized in a 5 to 10 minute presentation. Submitted research briefs must include detailed descriptions of the design and planned analyses and may include supplemental descriptions, beyond the 1000-word brief, when it might be helpful to the Program Committee in making a decision. The Program Committee may, at its discretion, designate other accepted papers for presentation as a research brief. Research briefs should be prepared according to the instructions for full papers listed below, but without the 500 word abstract.

Symposia/Panel Discussions/Workshops:
Only Members and Associates of the Parapsychological Association may propose a symposium, panel discussion, or workshop.

Symposia are formal presentations by participants on related topics. Proposals for symposia must include a summary sheet indicating title, chairperson, participants, order of presentation, and proposed time allotments, up to a total of 90 minutes, including discussion periods. Symposia submissions must include full papers from each of the participants included in the symposium and prepared per the instructions listed below.

Panel discussions
Panel discussions are informal roundtable discussions intended to maximize spontaneous interactions of panelists and the audience. A total of 90 minutes, including discussion period, is allocated for panel discussions. A minimum of four participants should be proposed, with time apportioned among them and a substantial discussion period. Proposals for panel discussions should include a summary sheet that lists the panel title, chairperson, panelists, order of presentation, and time allotments as well as abstracts of 500 words from each panelist. Panel discussion proposals should be prepared per the instructions listed below

Workshops are informal discussions of specific topics. Proposals for workshops should include a summary sheet listing the title, chairperson, other presenting participants, type of activity, and a description of the intended content of the workshop, not exceeding 500 words. Workshop proposals should be prepared per the instructions listed below.

Preparation of Manuscripts
A standardized template has been developed into which submissions for this year's convention may be entered. Authors are strongly encouraged to use this standardized style template in MS Word or RTF format. The template can be downloaded from the URL http://www.parapsych.org/PA_2004_Submission_Template.dot

(RIGHT-CLICK on the URL above and do "SAVE TARGET AS" in Internet Explorer or "SAVE LINK TARGET AS" in Netscape. Save the file to your local disk.) After downloading this file to their computer, authors can double-click on the file to open a new document in the standardized format. Authors can then replace the text entered as an example with their own text but are cautioned not to change the predefined formats. Tables and figures should be inserted into the text, must be numbered and must have a title or legend but can be of any format that suits the authors' needs.

Authors who are not using MS Word are asked to download a PDF file of the template which is available from the URL

and to use it as an example of the suggested format. The number and titles of headings and subheadings may be adapted and altered to suit the authors' needs. If authors find it impossible or difficult to use the standardized template, please contact the Program Chairperson for assistance and advice. It is hoped that the template will help to produce a proceedings booklet with a cohesive look as well as to simplify the job of the referees who will review each submission.

Full papers for floor presentation, full papers for poster presentation and full papers being submitted as part of a symposium should follow the template as closely as possible, should be the equivalent of a full-length journal article, and should contain a 500 word abstract that will be published in the Journal of Parapsychology and placed on the PA's website. The text of the paper (including abstracts, tables, references, figures and illustrations) should not exceed 7000 words in total. If not otherwise specified, authors are requested to adhere to the style of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, or the format used by the British Journal of Psychology, especially for quotations and references.

Manuscript Submission
Manuscripts for all types of submissions should be submitted electronically using MS Word for Windows. Authors who do not use this program should contact the Program Chairperson for assistance and advice. The submission deadline is 31 March, 2004. Authors should be aware that any papers received after the deadline, even if accepted, may not be included in the printed Proceedings of Presented Papers. Please send all submissions and other correspondence about the program to:

Stefan Schmidt, Ph.D.
Institute of Environmental Medicine and Hospital Epidemiology
University Hospital Freiburg
Hugstetter Str. 55
D-79106 Freiburg

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