Vienna -
the Cradle of Psychoanalysis


The Early Days of Psychoanalysis

Berggasse 19

The address "IX, Berggasse 19" is world-famous.  Here Sigmund Freud spent most of his life.  Today, the rooms formerly occupied by the Freud family are converted into the Sigmund Freud Museum open to the public.  

Knock at Prof. Freud's door and take a virtual tour of the museum now [link opens a new window] -- and a real tour later when participating in the PA Convention 2004.  

          "The" couch 

Alfred, Baron Winterstein

Dr. Alfred, Baron Winterstein (1885 - 1958) was one of the early disciples of Freud.  He also was a founding member of the then Austrian Society for Psychical Research (now Austrian Society for Parapsychology and Border Areas of Science) in 1927.  [Link opens a new window.]

Not surprisingly one of his interests was the application of analytic viewpoints on spontaneous cases in parapsychology.  Later Winterstein became one of the only two psychoanalysts remaining in Vienna during the Nazi occupation and World War II.

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