A Note to Presenters
concerning Audiovisuals


Data Projector

Presenters are strongly encouraged to use computer-based presentations (PPT, HG, and the like) rather than transparencies, as the screen size utilized by the VGA beamer (LCD projector) is several times larger than the one of the overhead projector.
Of course, sound files can be played as well.


There is also the possibility to show video tapes (in NTSC and PAL/VHS formats alike).

Access to the Internet

There is fast web access available (by WLAN) free of charge. 

We will have two terminals available so you may check your e-mails during the convention.

It is suggested that presenters, prior to the convention, upload their files to web space available to them in order to create a readily accessible back-up of their data.

Spare Notebook Computer

A spare notebook computer will be available as a back-up in case of break-down of any presenter's notebook.


Hints for Poster Presentations
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