Dining and Wining


Restaurants in Vienna

As one could expect from a larger city there is an abundance of restaurants and pubs, where you may choose from:  luxurious or modest, expensive or cheap, traditional or modern, typical Austrian or "international".  You will find Chinese, Italian and any other food, and there are a few places offering Kosher food.  In addition to the restaurants, there are many fast food places, from the traditional Viennese "Würstelstand" (equivalent of Hot Dog Kiosk) to international chains such as McDonalds or Subway.  Pizza Hut is but one example for the many pizzerias.  Kebab stands are common, too.

Between 10 % - 15 % of the invoiced amount are customary to be added as a tip:  if the amount is rather small, one would be more generous with the tip, if the amount as such is already high, the tip will be rather at the lower end of the spectrum, or even below it.  In any case, you would round up to a "round" amount.  Of course, no tips are given at places with self-service.


Lunch at the University Quarters  

Of particular interest are places where participants of the PA Convention 2004 could have their lunch in proximity to the lecture auditoriums. 

Restaurants within the Campus:

There are several restaurants or pubs located in the First Yard ("Hof 1") of the Campus where one may take place inside or sit in the open air, partly under the old trees.  Prices are between reasonable and average.


The "Mensa" is the students' eating place (often frequented by professors as well), a self-service cafeteria located on the top floor of the New Institutes' Building.  The food is very good and cheap and the view from there over the roofs of Vienna is lovely.  The New Institutes' Building is some 200 or 300 meters away from the Campus.

Restaurants and Pubs in the immediate vicinity:

In proximity to the University yet outside of its own premises are some more places for lunch or/and dinner, e.g. the traditional and scenic "Zum Laterndl" (= "small lantern") or the "Zwillingsg'wölb'" (double vault)

Coffee Shops (Cafés)  

... more than 125 years of Viennese coffee shop tradition      The traditional "Landtmann" with its fine Art Déco interior is Vienna's number one Café.
It is located 2 min's from the University's Main Building across the "Ring" next to the "Burgtheater".

A Viennese tradition since 1683, the year of the 2nd Turkish Siege (the first one had taken place in 1529), is the "Café" where you go to either to meet friends and acquaintances, and business contacts alike, or on your own just to relax, have some coffee (or tea or hot chocolate) and perhaps a piece of cake or -- likely so in August -- a cup of ice cream while reading some newspapers or journals.  The Café is a little oasis of peace and calmness during busy and hectic days.  Thus, many guests would sit there just observing the activities around themselves, other people ...  In many of the coffee shops they serve full meals, too, everywhere, however, you would get at least some snack.  Prices for meals taken in coffee shops may be slightly higher than in restaurants.
Viennese Coffee Shops through the eyes of a US journalist
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The "Heurige" -- another Viennese Specialty  

The "Heurige", if translated literally, means something belonging to the current year.  In this case it refers to the wine (wine is cultivated in the surroundings of Vienna, even the suburbs, since the Roman times some 2,000 years ago) and so the "Heurige" means the young wine and subsequently it also means the place where this young wine can be consumed, indoors or out.

      Many of the small places of this kind are open only through certain periods of the year, these are the genuine "Heurigen" (pl.) and many of them are very scenic.  The larger places, however, sometimes have developed too "touristy".  
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Of course, food, too, is served at the "Heurigen", and in many place they perform a very typical traditional style of Viennese music ("Schrammeln"). The "Heurige" is a place to go to in the evening, perhaps in the late afternoon, it is definitely no place for having lunch.  Likewise it is no place for someone in a hurry -- you need to take your time to enjoy the wine ...