The Convention Venue


The Convention Venue is the "Hörsaalzentrum" in the Campus

The University Campus - also know as "Altes AKH"* - is located in Vienna's 9th district, the address (also the main entrance) is Alser Strasse 4, 1090 Vienna.
(There are also several side entrances, e.g. Spitalgasse 2-4, Thavonatgasse, and Garnisongasse 13.  If entering the compound from a side entrance reach the central axis first and proceed from there.)

The new University Campus - the Old General Hospital Compound


The University Campus
In the foreground the "Spitalgasse" Side Entrance is seen.  The Main Entrance is on the r/h side of the picture, further down the street.

Photo P. Mulacz


The Main Entrance to the Campus at Alser Strasse 4 



Photo P. Mulacz


Main Entrance to the Campus aka Altes AKH


Within the Campus, the new "Hörsaalzentrum" (Center of lecture auditoriums) is located in the 2nd yard (= 2. Hof, signposted).
1. Hof - 1st yard
      After entering the Campus from the main entrance you walk straight on along the central axis all the way through the first yard, then passing through the doorway of the building at the far end in the picture and you'll arrive in the 2nd yard.   

The "Hörsaalzentrum":


Photo P. Mulacz

Floor presentations will be held in lecture auditorium C1 of the "Hörsaalzentrum".
Poster sessions and registration will be held in the vestibule just outside of this lecture auditorium. 

There are a number of pubs in the 1st yard of the Campus so this is an handy option for having a snack for lunch.  Moreover, there is a large supermarket ("Billa") where you can get foodstuff as well.

Before being transformed into the Campus, this complex of historic buildings from different eras used to be Vienna's General Hospital the history of which goes back more than three hundred years.  In 1693, Emperor Leopold I founded a nursing home for cripples and shelter for the poor the erection of which started the following year in the area now forming the Campus.  Opened in 1695 and housing more than one thousand already next year, this nursing home was converted into the General Hospital by decree of Emperor Joseph II and opened as such in 1784.  Engraved in golden letters on a marble tablet above the entrance, one can still now read Joseph's dedication 'Saluti et solatio aegrorum'.

Photo P. Mulacz

Eventually in 1997, after the New General Hospital became functional, the Old General Hospital was handed over to Vienna University and eventually became the Campus with its unique blend of (fully renovated) old and new buildings.

*) AKH is the abbreviation for "Allgemeines Krankenhaus" meaning General Hospital.  Thus the nickname "Altes AKH" means Old General Hospital.

An outstanding feature of the Old General Hospital one should not miss when being there is the "Narrenturm" (= Madhouse Tower, verbally "Fools' Tower") erected in 1784 and now housing the Federal Pathologic-anatomical Museum Vienna

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